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For other MDM vendors, please consult your vendor for further details.

The Windows Autopilot Deployment Program uses a number of cloud services to get your devices to a productive state.

In its printed apology in News Corp newspapers today, NAB CEO, Andrew Thorburn, said sometimes things can go wrong.

But, if they do, the commitment is at NAB to always make it right.

“Our promise to our customers is to be about more than money," he stated, echoing the bank's brand campaign.

"Inherent in that promise is the expectation that, as your bank, we get the fundamentals [the “money” bit] right. “Many of our services didn’t work for several hours because of a nationwide NAB outage.

See Add company branding to your directory, to configure these settings.

This is despite the digitisation of media and decline in despite in print readership across mastheads.

“There is a degree of finality to it that works well from a trust perspective.

In order for your devices to be auto-enrolled into MDM management, MDM auto-enrollment needs to be configured in Azure AD.

To do that with Microsoft Intune, please see Enroll Windows devices for Microsoft Intune.

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