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Regardless of what brings Elizabeth Hendrickson to General Hospital, we know that she will make an awesome new addition to the cast.

No one plays crazy and driven as well as The Young and the Restless alum does.

So Alan concocted a plan to frame Sean for his murder and collect the insurance money.

Alan "died"; in a plane crash, but was really living under a different name in a new town. Edward dragged him back to Port Charles after blackmailing Sean into returning the Quartermaine fortune.

After Alan manipulated Monica into quitting her new position as assistant chief of staff, which Alan had wanted, she went to Green Meadows Spa for a break.

She secretly taped him confessing to trying to kill her and then blackmailed him into giving her a divorce. To aide her in the custody battle, Monica got photos of Alan and Susan together. She sued him for millions, citing it was for Jason.Monica's affair with Sean Donely was seen by the Quartermaines as an opportunity to gain access to his business secrets.However, the pair fell in love and quickly forced the Quartermaines out of their fortune and out of the mansion.Are you excited that GH managed to hire one of the most talented soap actresses?Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for more General Hospital spoilers and news right here!

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