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Alicia tells Mike that Stacey should have a condom in his room.

Mike finds a condom in Stacey's room and has to hide under his bed, so as not to get caught when Stacey and his girlfriend come home.

They hear the first song, to which they danced to remember their first kiss.

They begin to have sex, but stop because Mike's condom breaks.

Now moving on to her body configuration, he is an average tall man with the height of 5 feet and 9 inches.

He has a high physical sex appeal; thanks to his killer looks comprising of nicely built slender body, dark brown hair, blue eyes and charming smile.

The couple pictures of George and girlfriend Elini can be accessed on the web.Meanwhile in present day, Mike and Slim go to find Roland for his wedding, when they get a call from Tanya (Tamala Jones) saying that she has him with her and that he is very drunk.They go to her house to pick him up to take him back to the wedding to marry his bride Lisa (Lisa Raye Mc Coy) because they only have two hours before the ceremony begins.Mike and Alicia started dating for three weeks in junior high and then stayed friends.In the present day while reminiscing, Roland gets sick and throws up all over Slim and Mike.

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