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Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Hereupon I wrote my letters in November last, opening this case, and humbly praying Her Majesty's pleasure therein. We have, moreover, a particular in- stance of these hardships inflicted upon one of the clergy — the Rev. 401 termination of these inflictions and oppressions, and a very- notable instance of "the tables being turned at last.'' The account is to be found in vol. He returned immediately to the house, where the intruder was setting the tythes of his parish, sur- rounded by a great number of people. And if you don't deliver up the security in ten minutes, I will have you hanged on the high road of Kilmurry.' The priest turned pale, and trembled in his seat of office. 6 die May, and Pre- bend de Inniscathrie, also Kilrush, 4/. This was the party who signed the Clonmacnoise Manifesto, already alluded to ; also prior to this, had put his name to another document of dread significance, viz., " A declaration of the Ecclesiastical Congregation of both Cleargies of Ireland, as- sembled together in the name of the Holy Ghost at AVaterford," In this " all and singular confederate Catholiques who shall adhere to the said peace (of Ormonde) or consent with the favourers of it, or after any other manner shall entcrtane or embrace it, is absolutely to be accounted perjured.

Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. And now the party renewing the matter unto me (I presume -v^ ith your Lordship's good favour) humbly pray your favourable con- sideration thereof to perfection. Lord Clare's dragoons galloped through the village in confusion, pushing for the pass of Moyarta. Barclay's tythe-books were submissively returned to him ; and the Protestants of Clare for fifty years after drank to ^Barclay's Security' in a bumper-toast."^ Of one other clergyman a word — the Rev. In the First -fruit Books his name and entrance upon the parish of Kilrush are thus recorded : — " Johes Yandaleur, Cler. The other question concerning Excommunication we have referred until the next sessions. ^' John Laonens, Episcopus.'' (Fifth name on the list.) This is copied from a London reprint, in which also appears the actual promulgation of the sentence of excom- munication of the Cleargie of Kilkenny for adhering to the peace concluded between the Councell and Ormond.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. The rather for that the said Maurice, his father and himself (besides his sufficiency and zealous disposition to the true religion), have and do at this time of stir show themselves as well by good advertizements as otherwise, very well and dutifully affected to Her Majesty's service. '' Miss Fanny Darby, of Ennis, is apprehensive of some ill ofllces being shown her relative to her sister's death, who by right she is heiress to." Caveat issued in her behalf. Presentment of the Union of Drumclif Ee, made by churchwardens Rob. This document closes with the following words : ** After mature deliberation and consent of our Cleargie -- be a check upon the people of England.

The general reader must considerately bear in mind that matter has been largely intro- duced for the sake of those connected with the diocese by famil}^ ties; and it is hoped that such will possess themselves of a volume which contains a relation of the heroism and constancy of their forefathers. The same remark applies especially to the Dioceses of Kilfenora and Inniscattery, and even in some degree to that of Roscrea. 59) "A fine and hitherto unnoticed example occurs upon the rock called Bishop's Island, near Kilkee, upon the coast of Clare. The exterior face of the wall, at four different heights, recedes to the depth of about one foot, a peculiarity not found in any other structure of the kind, and which was probably introduced with the view of lessening the weight of the dome-shaped roof. This good prelate admitted him, listened to his requests for what he called '' a Plurality," which he did not give him, " to hold with his bishoprick." But he did give him for his immediate wants '^ an honest piece of gold." Exit Malachias with the gold in his pocket, and per- haps some more besides, left out of " the 20 marks " which prying Herle found out and reported he possessed. But having neglected to attend the Hosted by Google REIGN OF KING CHARLES THE SECOND. This slight sketch of the reign of King James IT., so far as the Diocese of Killaloe is concerned, must now conclude with the remark of Lord Macaulay, " For the authority of law, for the security of property, for the peace of our streets, for the happiness of our homes, our gratitude is due, under Him who raises and pulls down nations at his pleasure, to the Long Parliament, to the Convention, and to William of Orange.^' Without adding to the many censures so freely hurled against King James IL, and by none more freely than by the Irish Roman Catholics themselves, this may be recorded as a full explanation of why he was, and what he did in life and time. He was educated at Westminster School, and from thence was elected to Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1663, and in that University he took the degrees of A. Dublin et Eccles, Cathedral Sti Patricii." In 1679 he applied to the Dean and Chapter of St.

This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. de Kilmakadowen£0 10 „ de Dromcliff, als O'Cormock ... After due delay and proper testing of his fitness, he was consecrated and admitted into the full rights of the Bishoprick of Killaloe, it is supposed, some time in 1575-6. By this it seemed that those of the clerg}^ though not the most courageous, yet were the most politic, who dealt privately with the priests, and by fair words and considerable largesses of tythe corn, &c., prevailed upon them to Ije quiet. Barclay, Yicar of the Union of Kilmurry Mc Mahon, remained at home during the whole contest, and holding a valuable farm under the See of Killaloe paid the tythes of it to the Catholic priest who had usurped his living. Clare." The Yanderleurs had been connected with Ireland since the days of Queen Elizabeth, as appears by a curious record tried in Dublin, in which they succeeded against a Dublin fii-m for 257/., the price of a cargo of wine delivered from Bordeaux. D D Hosted by Google 402 THE DIOCESE OF KILLALOE, ETC., IN THE Van-der-Leur, a Dutch merchant^ lately made a free denizen of this realm, special privileges. 399.) The name is found before and in Crom- well's time, at Six-mile Eridge, in connection with extensive manufacturing industries. Dease and O'Dwyer lived in these days to take a ^dse straightforward course in the political confusions prevalent, also D d2 Hosted by Google 404 THE DIOCESE OF KILLALOE, ETC., IN THE that- siicli a noble specimen of Eoman Catholic loyalty was to be found in that exemplary nobleman Lord Clanric- karde.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. And this will appear by the following extracts taken from the official correspondence. For the meek and filial regard of these judges to their vjoriluj Fat Jters served but to make them more imperious and insulting over the ministers who stiil animated (sic) the country against them. The priest was particularly severe in exact- ing tythes from the ejected vicar, and always required security for their payment. King James gave a special warrant fiant for giving Maximilian * The family still holds Balljartney. And a petition appears in the Chapter Book of Killaloe in 1685, and the confirmation of an instrument, setting forth the erection of a monument and place of sepulture in Six-mile Bridge Church for the use of " Egerio Yan-de-lure, of Eathlahine Armigero," with con- sent of Bishop allowing the same. Yet these reasonable Roman Catholics, lay and clerical both alike, were the exceptional cases of men who thought for themselves in their country's hour of peril, but were not of commanding influence ; while the short-sighted and more violent had the greatest weight with the excitable and sanguine Irish.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. Mauritius Mac O'Brien Arra being now safely settled in his Bishoprick without any possibility of his disallowance or rejec- tion by art or craft of competitors, we must now take a look at his rival. 45 It becomes a duty to disclose some particulars of the career of Malachias O'Molona, tlie Titular Bishop of Killaloe. Brady makes this Malachias O'Molona the successor of Terence O'Brien, and says — He was " appointed by Papal provi- sion on 10 January, 1571, and per obitum Terentii was trans- lated to Kilmacduagh, on the 22 August, 1576, when Cornelius O'Melrian was appointed to Killaloe/' The author of " The See of Killaloe in 16 Co." (see Irish Eccl. [Probably this was the demand neglected or resisted, which was enforced by the parties being presented as above.] Inven(,ory of goods of ISTathan Patterson, late of Burriskain, deceased, by Mary, his widow and relict. Thomas Dalton is to answer Anne Stammers, of ^N'enagh, in a matri- monial cause or case of contract, and the same T. is likewise inhibited during the pendency of the suit either to marry or contract himself to any other person, upon pain of contempt, 1721. Magrath, of Inane : — They made a mutual contract of marriage, and swore same upon Holy Evangelists before witness and others. You may assure yourself it is a mighty concern to me to be refused by a lady I had so gi^eat a regard for as Madame. Madame, excuse me for being a Tom amono- the maids." ( ! ) Patrick Mcl STamara, of Kikush, stands excommunicated on a charo-e of substraction of tythes prefen-ed by Mr. This pleasant mode of checkmating England in perpetuity, the ardent Bishop wishes to be insinuated and imprinted, as much as can be done, into the heads and hearts of the ministers and people about Court.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. Eecord, page 464, July, 1865), agrees, calling this *'his being proclaimed in Consistory." And adds, that "on 22nd August, 1576, his translation to Kilmacduagh was solemnly promulgated in the Roman Court." He had appeared in London prior to this and was the guest of Ed. In the spring of 1571 he is in London, not in the good quarters of the kind bishop; but in the Marshalsea, with a fellow prisoner — one Herle — who made himself spy of Lord Burleigh. The said Ann Stamers brouo-hb forth a daughter after the said contract of marriage, which T. Nicholas Comyn (2nd June, 1721), and the congregation are to be forbidden upon pain of law to deal keep company or society, or to con-espond with the above. He also advises the upsetting of the Act of Settlement — a process which he calls an efi'ort for a great and solid settle- onent for Ireland — generously pensioning off the Protestant possessors, whether temporal or spiritual, although with an almost Scottish caution, abstaining from stating either the security for the payment of their pensions or for the current value of the coinage in which it was to be issued.

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