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And it looked like Anne Hathaway was ready to travel again when she was spotted locked in a passionate embrace with husband Adam Shulman in a parking lot in New York City on Sunday.

The 37-year-old silver fox wrapped one arm around his beautiful wife, 35, and pulled her close so that he could give her a deep and loving kiss.

“The thing that I said to Chris [Nolan] that day was that there were many very accomplished actresses who had read for the role.

I’m terrible at auditions, so I’m very impressed when somebody really seems to acquire an ownership of a character without having worked on it or prepared for some amount of time.” Christian said Anne has been tasked with the “hardest job” in the film — finding a fresh approach to Selina Kyle/Catwoman, who previously was portrayed by screen icons like Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry. “There are a number of people who feel that the Catwoman role has been defined previously.

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The star has yet to reveal the project's name although she has already taken to Instagram to warn possible fat shamers off.

The actress also has several other projects in the pipeline.

She's set to star in Live Fast Die Hot, a drama about a New York woman who changes dramatically when she becomes a mom, and The Lifeboat, about a young woman on trial for murder.

Although Bale didn't say how he had met the attractive young actress, one possible connection would have been Spielberg, as he is the one who directed Barrymore in E.

After photos of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises” surfaced in August, doubts arose over whether the 29–year-old actress was right for the feline fatale.

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