Andy roddick and brooklyn decker dating kim weltman and dating

Brooklyn: He's just the most clever person I've ever met. "Don't shrink who you are." Meaning, I can get very shy in intimate settings, and [a yoga teacher] said, "Be the fullest expression of yourself. Because if you do that then you give others the permission to be the fullest expression of themselves." It just means you're being inhibited, and that is hard to do.

He has such a quick mind, which at times can be incredibly frustrating because he's always quicker than I am. It's a new one, but I've been working to remind myself of that every day.

Even when I'm fighting—I can be a total asshole sometimes—if there's not some humor in it, it's pretty bad.

Glamour: What makes you laugh the most with your husband? Brooklyn: This particular saying has really stuck with me...

2007 - Present Brooklyn and Andy met at the 2007 Davis Cup final.

Andy spotted her in the crowd and they began dating shortly after.

Brooklyn: I was jealous of Majandra [Delfino, who plays Abby], who just had her baby.

"I see it every day and it still doesn't make any sense to me.

Pregnant Brooklyn Decker showed off her tiny baby bump at Saturday's event "You are an unreal artist, businesswoman, mother, wife, sister and friend.

It's not planned, but I can see that happening.

I don't want to commit to you and then have to cancel." It's that kind of thing that she has taught me to do.

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