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In that situation, the developer doesn’t have to keep track of all the ways a value can be updated.Using data binding can lead to faster development times, faster execution times and more readable and maintained code.If you don’t, you’ll get an error at compile time telling you to update it.If you have customizations in this file, make sure to make a copy first.Every time data changes the User Interface widget (Text View, Image View etc.) bound to it is needs to be update.Lots of hours were wasted on writing and maintaining trivial and almost useless code occupying tens or even hundreds of lines in almost all Activity.The next two sections will outline Eclipse-specific and Ant-specific performance with library projects.

The Data Binding Library is available for android platforms from Android 2.1 (API 7) and newer.

The previous implementation ran the same aapt command multiple times to generate all those files leading to long build time for large project where aapt can take a while to run.

In r14 (requiring Platform-Tools r8), aapt is run only once to generate all the necessary files.

Android Data Binding library minimize the code for app logic with its UI view.

It eliminates the need for these method calls “find View By Id” and “set Text.”The real power of data binding is when the updating of a value occurs at many points in an application code.

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