An unknown error occurred while validating the server

I had to set up an system environmental variable named JAVA_HOME that pointed to the JDK directory.Even after this change, I still ran into the "An unknown error occured while validating path." Right-click on the Net Beans install software and select "Run as Administrator...".

When I check the Forwarders in the DNS Manager, it shows Comcast DNS "An unknown error occurred while validating the server" If I run nslookup, I get can't find web site: Query refused I have opened a case with Comcast, the technician said their DNS works fine.The Event Viewer doesn't have any error related to the DNS. A: From the description, I understand the issue is that nslookup failed with error "query refused" and your ISP DNS server shows as "An unknown error occurred while validating the server" in DNS forwarder list. It runs for just seconds and the blue screen disappears.If I misunderstand, please dont hesitate to let me know. I don't see MPSReports folder under windows and I search, but can't find it.I was in the middle of editing a project which I have been working on for a long long long time now and I realised I had accidentally duplicated a couple of files, so I began deleting them and as I deleted them, an error message came up and said that there had been a serious error and my project had to be closed.... (FYI i've also been using warp stabilizer if that helps and other manipulative effects)This isnt the first time something has happened like this either..the program keeps crashing, deleting files and being unresponsive constantly!

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