Amir khan dating katie price

Having failed his first trial in the most spectacular fashion by barely even beginning it, Iain was already on the backfoot with the blokes.Arriving back to camp shaken and crying, his emotional state upsetting even the unsentimental Rebekah Vardy, the lads initially rallied round to comfort the comedian.I'm just in shock how quick this has all happened since I spoke to him.RIP Keith and will continue with your advice for my mum xx'.

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Speaking about her mum Amy's condition, Katie said, “IPA (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis) isn’t well known and there should be more awareness because once you’re diagnosed, it’s too late.

So who’d have thought Amir Khan in an over-sized cat costume would become his undoing?

Faced with the opportunity to bring back some strawberries and cream to the rest of the group for winning a mini-challenge, Amir instead raises the idea that Lee and him should polish them off themselves.

It’s an incurable lung disease, no one knows how you get it." Speaking about Keith Chegwin, Katie then added, “Keith got in touch and we’d been speaking to him a lot and he was trying to help my mum.

I knew all along about Keith but I never said it to anyone and I can’t believe that within six months he’s gone." Ruth later told the audience, "She (Katie) wanted to come on today and talk about Keith’s condition and raise awareness.

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