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The 45 self-described virgins who reported having become pregnant and the 36 who gave birth were also more likely than non-virgins to say their parents never or rarely talked to them about sex and birth control.About 28 per cent of the "virgin" mothers' parents (who were also interviewed) indicated they didn't have enough knowledge to discuss sex and contraception with their daughters, compared to 5 percent of the parents of girls who became pregnant and said they had had intercourse.The Christmas issue of the BMJ reports that, of the women who took part in the study, 45 (0.5%) reported at least one virgin pregnancy, "unrelated to the use of assisted reproductive technology." In short, they claimed to have conceived - yet had not had vaginal intercourse or in-vitro fertilisation (IVF).The BMJ article notes that virgin births, or parthenogenesis (from the Greek parthenos for virgin and genesis for birth), can occur in non-humans as a consequence of "asexual reproduction, where growth and development of the embryo occurs without fertilization".The article notes that as well as the story of the birth of Jesus to the Virgin Mary, parthenogenesis often appears in popular culture, "including the Spielberg blockbuster Jurassic Park3 and the 2008 Dr Who episode “Partners in Crime.” For the study of putative virgin pregnancies, researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill analyzed data from the thousands of teenage girls and young women who took part in the long-running study.They found that the girls who had become pregnant, despite claiming they had never had sex at the time of conception, shared some common characteristics.Manhattan also has a high concentration of technology firms and startups (“Silicon Alley”), while the insurance, real estate and healthcare industries also drive demand for data center space.Recent trends in demand have been shaped by two events: The financial crisis of 2007 and Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

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Fallible memory, beliefs and wishes can cause people to err in what they tell scientists.Read on for a special excerpt from the new New Jersey/New York Data Center Market Report.Trends in Demand in New York Data Center Market Data center demand in New York is dominated by the presence of the financial industry, which employs 330,000 in New York and accounts for more than 39 percent of the city’s economic output.As driverless vehicles take to the roads, they will require low-latency wireless connections to fiber networks and data centers.This connectivity, storage and data-crunching infrastructure will need to exist almost everywhere cars can drive, but especially in major cities like New York.

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