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He and his six brothers and sisters were raised by their mother, Seletha, in shabby apartments and one-bedroom rent houses on San Antonio’s impoverished East Side.Dinners consisted of pork and beans, hot dogs, rice, and, as Edwin puts it, “straight-up corn.” Everyone slept on mattresses on the floor.If he continues to be denied parole, he will not be released until September 2031. For decades, the members of the criminal justice system have argued about what should be done with kids who commit violent crimes.Lawyers, judges, police officers, politicians, and victims’ rights advocates have debated whether lawbreaking youngsters should be treated as regular criminals or as misguided delinquents with potential for rehabilitation.

She had a succession of abusive boyfriends, one of whom hit her in the face with a log.“But I know she’s only trying to make me feel better. “The look of someone who’s not going anywhere soon.” Edwin has been behind bars since the day he was arrested: he is now more than halfway through a forty-year sentence that a juvenile court ordered him to serve as punishment for Edwards’s murder.I know I’ve got the prison look.” “The prison look? Although he has been eligible for parole since 1999, the members of the Board of Pardons and Paroles have refused to release him, always citing the severity of his crime.In Texas the law allows for very strict punishment of juvenile offenders.According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, of the 140,000 inmates now housed in its prisons, approximately 2,000 are there for crimes that they committed as juveniles, which state law defines as anyone under the age of seventeen.

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