Aislinn and munro dating patrick dating stassi schroeder

As for the whole fiasco at the season 11 premiere, the next day people were calling up saying that they saw what had happened with my little 'love' announcement.

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Get dressed and get your ass out of here so I can change! It had been a few hours since we got to Wonderland and I was getting a little tired but I was having a great time.

Aislinn giggled before hopping out of the bed clad in only lace panties and my button down from last night.

I shivered seeing Ais' ass sway as she sauntered over to the bathroom."I muttered before following her like a lost puppy.

People will stop questioning that you to are in love if you get on the cam and fucking make-out! " Ais asked, getting a little nervous."Oh you'll see," he smirked and turned back to the big flat-screen TV."Shit." I knew exactly what movie we were watching. Aislinn whimpered and hid in my shoulder, "Munro, I-I don't like scary movies…"I chuckled at how cute she was and wrapped my arms tight around her, "Don't worry baby, I'll protect you."Ais squeaked when I grabbed her butt and placed her on my lap, so we could cuddle more intimately, since Tom was too engrossed in the movie.

Aislinn smiled devilishly and turned in my lap, straddling me.

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