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I will try and make myself more clear – If you are taking your child for therapy make sure that when the child is back home ,he should not get any free time in the house to slip into his own world.

This slipping into his own self is the biggest impediment to his recovery .

Autistic Kids -A big No To Regular School I was treating a child who was three and a half with moderate level of Autism and no speech .

This child after 3-4 months of Homeopathic Treatment developed speech and could speak between 20-30 odd words although they were just single words .

I have seen that most of the parents struggle with the diagnosis for months or years together, which is extremely harmful for the child.

Early intervention has a very important role in the recovery of the child from autism.

They completely overlook the stimulation that should be given at home.

I have seen plenty of cases recovering or becoming quite significantly better after early behavior and Homeopathic intervention.Child should be only put in school , only if the school provides a dedicated shadow teacher .Regular schools should be completely avoided ; in fact they can work against your child’s improvement .Then suddenly he started losing all what he had learnt.After good deal of discussion with the parents , I found out that the mother had put the child into a regular primary school .

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