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And for this to happen, you should be mentally tuned in to each other. I have found that when I am upset with my wife over something and there is some agitation in my mind, then, the wife also gets agitated over some simple matters and sparks start flying between us.Relationship affirmations, when repeated over and over, help polarize our thoughts with that of our partner.I myself for example was in more than one codependent relationship over a six year period.Even my relationship with my mom was codependent (as it tends to happen in South Asian families a lot).If it helps you feel the power in each affirmation, stand up, jump up and down or grab at the air with your fists and pull energy into your being. I AM WORTHY AND DESERVING OF A LOVING RELATIONSHIP. Repeat these words with substance and deep meaning to bring faster and larger results. While you are at it, let go of the stronghold your parents’ expectations are of you as well and you’ll literally feel the weight on your shoulders get lighter. Explore this further.) This one might at first seem a bit funny because you would normally assume that being in a relationship is getting involved in an attachment.There is another spiritual lesson here about being detached. I learnt of the concept of codependency from Gabby Bernstein in her book , and the concept changed how I saw my relationship with every single person in my world.

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Smile genuinely and then repeat each sentence out loud. AN ENDLESS SUPPLY OF LOVE ENERGY FLOWS AROUND ME AT ALL TIMES.

A good relationship can’t thrive on one person’s happiness and fulfilment alone. It needs you to show love to yourself so you can show him how to love you.

It needs you to love yourself so you love him more.

Put it in the comments and if it touches my heart, I will expand the list.

Take a few breathes and clear your mind of all distractions. MY WORLD IS FILLED WITH LOVE, LIGHT, AND HAPPINESS.

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