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Baden lays out the arguments of the theory in a clear manner, engaging in critical dialogue with alternate approaches while retaining the traditional source model in a refined manner.

A book for students and scholars who are interested in the ongoing debates surrounding the most important part of the Hebrew Bible.

Contributors are chosen on the basis of their scholarly skills and achievements, and they come from a variety of religious backgrounds and communities.

The books in the Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library are intended for the broadest possible readership, ranging from world-class scholars, whose qualifications match those of the authors, to general readers who may not have special training in studying the specific disciplines but are as enthusiastic as any dedicated professional in expanding their knowledge of the Bible and its world.

In this book, Joel Baden presents a fresh and comprehensive argument for the documentary hypothesis.

From Adam and Eve in the Garden, to Noah's Ark, to Moses' parting of the Red Sea, to its conclusion with the death of Moses, the Pentateuch contains some of the most important and memorable stories in Western civilization.

Yet each Christmas, Christian clergy and the people to whom they minister must continue to face them.

According to Raymond Brown, introductory materials on the New Testament in general and the Gospels in particular gives the infancy narratives short shrift, disproportionate to their role in Christian theology, art, and poetic imagination.

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