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My agents maid, who happens to be a disturbingly talented film director, wants to make the book into a film of the same name, starring Marideth Baxter Berney as all characters.I am excited about it, but Mom is not equally thrilled.They cross a beautiful antique bridge segregating the aficionados of the Gay Tea Cup ride from the fanatics of the Gay Gravity Drop ride when suddenly they are stoned to death by the parks maintenance workers, who having received a sudden and unexpected pay hike, assumed the mentality of violent cretins which the pay raise would have eventually endowed them with.A small young girl, wearing clear plastic shoes and a flowery dress witnessed the stoning. Ill be there drawing out one dollar bills until the cows come home, waiting patiently for my friend to arrive in his fast car, to take out his life savings to spend on a girl from Jersey that says she is Joan of Arc. My Pinto is being shipped from the import shop where I was having a bust of Mr. Meanwhile, I ran my dishwasher through the car wash, believing that a large appliance would fool the hoards of Mexicans that were to descend upon it, being that they merely desire something to descend upon, and that the object to be descended upon is of little importance.

I cant seem to get enough of these televised International Dog Shows.

I mentioned the proposed subtitle, Rosemary Does Reno and other cities beginning with R, but this still failed to elicit a positive response on her part. There will be an even bigger meeting tonight, which is actually a pre-meeting for the pre-meeting to discuss the meeting next week about the meeting which we held last Tuesday to prepare the new interns for the meeting which we are having tonight.

I ordered 8 salads for myself and during the course of lunch, and therefore proceded to have violent rectal spasms that landed me a 5 year contract doing Jazzercise documentaries with Spy Glass Films. I cancelled all of my appointments and sold my tickets for the Costco demolition in Burbank Ill just catch the demolition on the news with the nightly, breaking news high speed chase involving a 2 black men and a large Ford pickup.

That pure bred dogs, their psychotic owners, and the miracle of cable television can bring the human species so close together I wont finish that sentence.

Pretty much, Im just sitting around waiting for a nuclear explosion to vaporize me, so why the hell shouldnt I get out and do some risqu dancing in the club scene here in L. Ever since Southland Security put us on code Orange for terrorism, Ive been having a lot more natural fruit juice blends.

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