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This report provides an overview of the current demographics of Randolph, the existing housing stock, projected changes in housing demand over the coming decades, and the types of new housing that are needed to meet that need.

Housing production has been an important goal of the Commonwealth for decades.

In Randolph, the aging of the Baby Boomers will cause the senior population to increase by 2,900 people, or 67 percent, through 2030, as seen in Figure 1. Meanwhile, the white, non-Hispanic population decreased by 32 percent.

Housing production is one of the most profound challenges facing Massachusetts, and one in which each city and town has a unique and important role to play.

Finally, high housing costs, especially in and near urban areas, have caused many households to search farther afield, “driving until they qualify” in the sprawl frontier past I-495 where large lots, low density, and long commutes cause local environmental damage, increased emissions, and higher transportation costs.

One fundamental solution to the state’s housing challenge is more proactive efforts to plan for increased housing production at the local level.

As years pass, some households form, move into the community, or grow larger, while others grow smaller, seek different housing options, or move out.

Net housing demand is the number of units needed to accommodate additional households and maintain healthy vacancy rates among owner and renter-occupied housing units.

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