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He had been in custody since his arrest and received one year time served credit.Dunn was caught by an undercover police officer, trading in child rape on a Craig’s List forum.For further information, please see the National Police Misconduct Reporting Project (NPMRP) at Cato Institute and the Associated Press (AP) year long investigation, 2015, into police misconduct.Local and State Law Enforcement Michael Harding, a Port St.Harding also raped his two stepdaughters, age 5 and 9, and produced child pornography of that abuse.He also “attempted to set times to swap his stepdaughter for another pedophile’s child.”In 2011, Harding had been named Officer of the Year. William Allan Jacobs, 50 year old retired Police Chief of Minneapolis Park Minnesota, was arrested, 2010, on child pornography and child sex abuse charges and pleaded guilty, March 2012. After “five decades of unfettered access to children,” Jacobs was finally caught when a young boy reported being sexually abused over a three year period.Harding was caught in a Kik chatroom called #toddlerfuck.

In November 2014, I profiled seventy local and state police officers arrested on child pornography related charges — Police Trading in Child Rape & Torture.

Gamson possessed at least one image/video of a baby being raped and images/videos that showed a “little girl was bound and blindfolded and then photographed while someone sexually assaulted her.” The “little girl who was “hung by her wrists from the ceiling.” Investigators said the images, dating to 2006, are “sadistic” and “horrific.”Gamson was involved with TPD’s Sexual Predator Identification and Notification Program and, in 1999, was lead officer in an application to the Herman Goldstein Award.

Tampa Police Department allowed Gamson to continue working, while he was free on bond, from October 2010 until , when he retired with his filed marked “Retired: Not involving misconduct” enabling him to receive his ,253 per month government retirement. Robert Geist, a 44 year old Police Chief of Brecknock Township, Pennsylvania, was arrested, December 2013, on multiple child pornography charges.

He was caught by an undercover cop in Reno, Nevada Sheriff’s Office.

The Detroit Free Press reports Martinez has been suspended with pay pending trial.

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