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If F wins the contest, D and E will pick something special for you later in the game.o If the contest ends up in a tie, no one wins and both you and D loses the prize.Maybe you prefer to play with girls from anime like Naruto, Bleach or One Piece?Or eventually new anime like Sword Art Online or Highschool of the Dead to discover these anime in hentai mode? Like to seduce gorgeous girls before to fuck them like sluts on the floor?• Take her to the hotel: She will visit your hotel room but you won’t have a virtual chat with her later that night.Virtual Call (If you drove D home) • Give it to her ( 3FP) ( 1LP) • Talk about the job • Virtual Kiss o Choose your favorite part  • Plans for tomorrow • Remove Bra • Remove panties • Masturbate • Faster Dad’s Hotel Room (If you took D to the hotel) • Talk about the job • Plans for tomorrow • Massage o Massage Boobs o Massage her ass o Keep massaging her ass • Watch TV o Keep watching • Kiss her o Choose your favorite part  o Touch her boobs ( 1 boobs point) o Touch her ass ( 1 ass point) • Remove her bra • Go down • Remove her panties • Kiss her • Lick or Bite her nipple • Kiss her belly • Rub her clit • Finger her o Faster • Add another finger o Faster • Kiss her ( 1LP) • Cum on her breasts  • Wash your favorite part  o Wash boobs ( 1 boobs point) On the Street • Give it to her ( 3FP) ( 1LP) F’s Room • Stay in bed a little longer. • Answer the phone • Choose F Photography Studio • Enter the studio • Buy the membership (Available if you have the severance pay.She will make a comment later during the conversation.• Talk about the job • Talk about modelling o Tell her you are: Opens up a MFF path or a path with Cassandra later in the chapter o Tell her you’re not: Closes any potential path with Cassandra later in the chapter Dad’s Hotel • Call Georgina • Can I see your bikini?

Photography Studio • If you like Cassandra, you can choose “Stare at her ass”.

I am playing this game, Dating my Daughter, created by Mr. So I thought i share the walkthrough with you guys. If you like the game, The games is called “Dating My Daughter”, a first-person, choice-based 3d dating sim/visual novel.

Now that she’s 18 years old, she contacts you and tells you that she would like to have a “father-daughter” date with you.

• Talk about the Spa • Talk about Elena • Kiss her o Continue Kissing her o Grab her boobs ▪ Take her bra off • Play with her nipples ( 1LP) • Extra scene with Elena if you are on her route • Talk about the future • Take Pictures of the girls o Yes o Dual Heart Shape ▪ Is that a heart?

o Take the picture • Massage Contest: o First round: If you are on Elena’s path, she’ll choose you. ▪ D massages E: • Do it • Stop ▪ You massage E: • Massage her shoulders • Massage her boobs (If you are on E’s path) • Massage her feet o Second round: D always chooses you.

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