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Even when they have sex with a serious boyfriend they will often ask for some money afterwards.That is just the dating culture here, the man always provides for the girl if she makes him happy.If you strike up a deal and they want to walk behind you instead of holding your hand let them.If they don’t want to go to your casa particular but know of another one then it is generally safe to go with them.What you are looking for is one that will not check girls ID’s when you bring them back to your room.Hotels and most casa particulars will do this, and the police will come by and see which girls are going with guys.They spend all day working to make but can make 10 times that to get picked up in a bar, easy to understand things from their point of view.

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The police will also harass women on the streets if they are with foreign men or look like prostitutes.If you walk around the touristy area girls will call out to you often, that means they are open for business.These aren’t all crackhead street ho’s, many of them have day jobs that pay crap wages.This is your standard ‘short time hotel’ and they will be ‘illegal casas’ that the government doesn’t know about.You may be wondering ‘why not just stay at one of those? If you just pop in for an hour or two you should be fine, but if you spend your whole trip there your odds of getting caught up in something will increase a lot.

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