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Jane Russell of the industrially-engineered brassiere is a little far from the mark. Dolly Parton is a teeny-tiny woman who is full-haired and full-breasted.Unless the picture indicates otherwise, "full-figured" is a delicate euphemism for "fat." I must say though, I admire your optimism. I've always described myself as 'curvy', which I thought to mean 'curvy. So, how would you the describe Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. The word has been appropriated by larger women who feel uncomfortable referring to themselves as "heavy," "hefty," "plump," "fat," etc. I have shapely legs, regular size hips, a big belly, and bigger chest.Find out more …Visit has no affiliation with any of the dating websites listed above and advises strong caution & judgement when using them.

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I recall the actress Jane Russell advertising the "full-figured" bras on TV commercials.

I thought that Dolly Parton was "full-figured." Apparently, I do not know what it means and would like some guidance.

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