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With teens spending so much time online and on their phones, there’s an increasing need to help teens build healthy “digital” relationship skills and teach them that controlling behavior online or on mobile devices can be a form of abuse.To educate teens about what constitutes digital abuse and empower them to draw their digital line, Futures Without Violence and the Ad Council just launched our mobile first “That’s Not Cool” campaign featuring a mobile web app called Cool Not Cool where teens can weigh in on common teen dating scenarios by swiping their phones to indicate whether the situation is cool or crosses a digital line. We set out to create a digital tool teens could use to learn what’s cool or not in a dating relationship.Suffolk County residents can also contact Suffolk County Women's Services.Some of my favorite Ad Council campaigns to work on are those that target teens.It is hugely popular with teens–in fact 40 percent of U. We also produced a set of related stickers, which are popular with Kik’s user base.

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Assume video will be viewed within the Facebook or You Tube apps on a smartphone.“We know the best way to reach [teenagers] is through these unconventional mediums like You Tube or Kik,” Yesenia Gorbea, a program specialist at campaign partner Futures Without Violence, explained to The Daily Dot.“We’ve learned through our experience with more conventional advertising campaigns that when you want to reach teenagers, you need to reach them where they are at.”On Kik, users can add “thatsnotcool," and if they message the account, it will walk them through various dating scenarios, letting them identify what is "cool" or "not cool." The campaign's online quiz works on the same sort of principle, posting scenarios and letting users swipe left or right for "not cool" or "cool," respectively. Reaching out to teens online is a great way to make your message more relevant.We wanted teens who may not be familiar with our campaign to discover the tool and we wanted the current and future That’s Not Cool teen ambassadors to share the tool as a way to spread the word.Having such a specific goal guided us through the creative development process and helped keep us focused on what we were creating.

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