A cross browser drop line cascading validating menu

[Thanks to Kevin for the show notes] () Darin - Struggling with basic flow? And saving an image to disk when the form is saved. Why cant I see my image when I upload it (refresh) (save to disk) etc. () Kevin - re J Files, can I change a json type from an array to a group, ie I build a collection of json objects based on views, even though there is only one record.An explanation of how the basics of a table and form work on the net talk server. () Michael - Should I use a Net Web Service Method instead of a Source procedure? What is the mechanism of saving an image from a form to a blob? () Darin - I am having similar problem, with changing image, viewing it before saving. But the client sees a table or a view or a queue as an array "[ ]", where they demand a group with "" boundary. Set Type(json:object) [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes] () Don - Has a web site that shows a video, And can I bypass the login ? Yes on the form of the second site, you will have a field of type "Media" But it turns out a question of i Frames.But when user clicks on delete I want to delete an entry in a different table (the actual SQL table not the View).[Thanks to Ted for the show notes] () Mike , Multi-site, multi connections not working, turns out port 443 - was not setup to port forwarding - Bruce showed multi host setup screen enhancements, the acme host entry is now removed for Multi-Site hosts. The world is a BIG place, and everyone has a time zone.Bruce explains Host Values, Set Host Value () - you can send anything, see s_web. Like sending a message about "maintenance downtime of 20 Minutes- please log off" like the old Net Auto?

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User Group meetings are typically fairly informal and consist of some topical training, plus questions and answers from attendees. () Johan - I loaded an upload button on a form but no action. () Bruce - 10.22 build - on generate js - hints for the latest build. (no not yet.) () Ashely - I am missing the icon for the upper menu on my map. () Bruce on Selectors, css () Johan - would these css class' be settable sometime or is NT working reliant on that these classes are used? these appear to be hardcoded and not template options. [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes] () Rich - With web services, for JSON parameters and returns is it possible to eliminate the record boundary? () Ted - has a customer who wants an api where there is a hyphen in the name () Wolfgang - Re websockets, some pages updating a page with live sports results, how, Bruce shows the example for web sockets (82).(multi-tenant app) () Johan - A discussion on values and session values, Store Value, session Q () Johan - A discussion on local variables () Johan - SMS - how do I get the response from the person I sent the sms to?[Thanks to Kevin for the show notes] () Michael - I am trying to understand more about NT Server, I have questions about the parameters in p_web.() Mike T - Still having problem with getting an image to refresh when I do a file upload of the image file.() Rob - One of my apps that redirects (a Net Talk Server) incoming requests has been flagged by the security folks as allowing possible cross-site scripting.

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