5 dating lessons learned my sisters

There is something to be learned from this on-screen duo.

The Office depicts their relationship and their marriage more truthfully than anything I have ever seen on the small or big screen.

While Jim and Pam are celebrated the most as the perfect couple of the show (deservedly so), there are other couples in the show that are just as intriguing.

Dwight and Angela for example, as unorthodox as they may seem, show how some relationships have to stand the test of timing.

After nine wonderful seasons of television that made us laugh, cry, and want to wring Michael Scott's neck, it is wonderful to go back and soak up all the lessons to be learned from NBC's hit show, The Office.

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I forget that I’m allowed to enjoy myself; I forget that I’m allowed to step back and nourish myself.And my fantasizing sometimes left me despondent, thinking about how I wish R could be instead of loving and embracing who and where R is.And so I tried to identify my needs – whether it was a need for intimacy, or more time together, or space for myself – and tried to find a compromise that we could reach, in the moment, to ensure my needs were being met without placing impossible demands on my partner.I don't know if the writers of the show intended for this, but by the end of the show all of our favorite characters are either married off or dating another character.Jim and Pam, Dwight and Angela, Michael and Holly, and last but not least, Ryan and Kelly.

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