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Valley Forge Flag suggests spot cleaning or dry-cleaning. If at all possible, take down the flag when winds exceed 30 mph.

Please contact your local dry cleaners for their recommendation. Rain or Snow: For best results, do not expose your flag to these elements.

We do not recommend their services, endorse or authorize their response to you. These flags were usually made from either cotton or a cotton-wool blend.

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Attach the upper left grommet of the flag to the metal hook at the top of the pole. Slide the clear plastic ring up the bottom of the flagpole so that it meets with the lower left grommet of the flag.

Solar Flagpole Light FAQ Q: Where do I go to purchase flags?

Q: What size flag can be flown from my in-ground pole? For questions regarding our solar flagpole lights please visit our Solar Flagpole Light FAQ page.

Nylon retains color well, flies nicely in a light breeze, dries well, and is easily cleaned.

Q: I purchased a Valley Forge Flag product and it is missing a part or the part is damaged. Q: I need to purchase replacement parts for my flag kit. Common uses for these flags might be: Nylon – Perma-Nyl™ is the most durable and serviceable option.

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