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Economical and High Quality Take advantage of a fully white-labelled, economical and top-notch native i OS/Android app.All this at an incredibly economical price, and no long drawn processes of getting custom software made.- 'Ride Hailing' has all the features any UBER like software has.Simply put, in a 'Raid Hailing' app, the car is driven by a driver. 'These are cars you rent for a specific period & you Self-Drive it. Smart Car Tech also has every car rental feature built in. Launch and run your own taxi hailing app without having worry about technology.Leave the coding to us, we have a super smooth web and mobile app that does everything you would expect from a leading taxi aggregator.)As you keep adding one driver-less car after other to your business, you can manage your entire fleet from this ONE app.Powerful The Nikola admin panel is custom-made to suit the taxi business and let’s you control your customer experience to the max.

Every brand is launching its own driver-less vehicle ( Fiat, BMW, Volkswagen, GM etc.

All it takes is a one-time setup and you’re on auto mode.

The app ensures optimized dispatching of taxis, collects fares, distributes driver fees, and deposits your commission into your Pay Pal account.

With a little patience and persistence, you are on your way to riding the greatest tech wave of our times and cashing in on what’s possibly the most dramatic shifts in technology since the industrial revolution.

A car rental software is used by pure car rental companies like Avis.

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