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Porsche continues to make progress in developing its Mission E electric sports sedan, and apparently it's made enough of them to let former F1 driver and recent Porsche 919 Hybrid endurance car driver Mark Webber take a turn behind the wheel.

The company got his test drive on video, along with his impressions. Tesla is almost ready to start shipping Model 3s equipped with an AWD dual-motor option, so CEO Elon Musk announced specs and pricing for the new options on Twitter.

Overall, Trump's number are higher in the Harvard-Harris Poll compared to other more standard surveys, as this one is conducted online.

The Real Clear Politics polling average has Trump's approval rating at 42.9 percent, as it pulls together numbers from eight surveys taken in March.

first asked economists, investors, analysts and financial commentators to submit what they thought would be an important chart Canadians should watch in the year ahead, our annual collection of charts has grown from 35 contributions to nearly 100 this year.

Touching on everything from interest rates to marijuana, truck sales to the housing market, and all economic points in between, this year’s charts and brief explainers cover all the angles.

A hair shy of half the country approves of President Trump, with 49 percent giving the new POTUS a thumbs up, according to a new Harvard-Harris poll.

That's several points better than the 45.9 percent of the popular vote the Republican nominee was elected with in November.

Trump gets high marks from his own voters, Republicans and white, while he gets more disapproving scores from Clinton voters, Democrats, blacks and Hispanics.

The Jaguar E-Type Zero first debuted in September of 2017, but it's getting a whole heck of a lot more press today than it did then. Daimler will invest 500 million euros (9 million) in Hambach, France, to start producing a small electric Mercedes-Benz, the first of more than 10 EVs it plans by 2022 to go up against U. Volvo's 2019 S60 will be its first vehicle to be offered without a diesel engine when the sedan goes into production this summer at its new plant near Charleston, S. The Swedish automaker also confirmed it will offer the sedan in two plug-in hybrid variants when it goes on sale, with mild hybrid versions following in 2019. And any racing team knows that to do well, you need a car that can stick to the road, hence VW's extensive aerodynamics testing, which is shown off in the video above.

Volkswagen is very serious about taking the electric car record at Pikes Peak this year with the I. Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk promised a cheering crowd on Thursday that his controversial dream of burrowing a high-speed network of "personalized mass transit" tunnels under Los Angeles could be achieved without disturbance or noise at the surface.

The Performance trim Model 3 will sit at the top of the line, with 20-inch wheels, carbon fiber spoiler, black and white interior and specially-selected dual-motor setup available for ,000 (adding Auto Pilot costs extra).

Musk said that its cost is "about" the same as BMW's M3 (a base model starts at ,500), but it's supposedly Well over a billion people all over the world tuned in to watch the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this morning, but now that it's all said and done, it's time to direct our attention to the car that the newly crowned Duke and Duchess of Sussex drove to their reception. German cities are entitled to ban older diesel vehicles from streets with immediate effect to bring air pollution levels in line with European Union rules, Germany's top administrative court confirmed on Friday.

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