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She spent what seemed like hours in the bathroom getting ready. I knew his purpose was to “best me” to be the Alpha – the Bull. I took off my shirt with lots of smiles all around. Darin stood up and dropped his shorts to the floor. He might have been young but he was defiantly a man where it counted. I've read the phrase over and over again, he was larger soft than I was hard... This was the most intense emotion I have ever felt... Their chats were getting steamy, well, down right raunchy.

She moved up to where he was sitting and sat cross-legged in front of him. “Now take them off and give me a pose.” My undies drop to the floor and she clicked off another pic. Nude in front of my mother and her date.“Now that you are out of the game, you can be the designated photographer.”, she added. She moved over to the bed where Darin was sitting – still looking at me. It was just a game up to this point, strip poker, drinks, a little music, some kissing... it was to late for that – we were all going to play out the cards that were dealt. Anyhow, he was pretty sure he was going to get his dick wet and that’s never bad. Neither minded that I was taking pictures, as I wasn't there.

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