100 lonely women dating scam

Australian Jill Ambrose lost more than 0,000 over four years to a supposed health commissioner in Nigeria. Ambrose was an interior designer, something that the con artist played to.He asked for help in renovating poor hospitals, playing on her compassion and sympathetic outlook on life.With the advent of online dating, romance-based frauds have risen sharply, as the tools As long as there has been love, there have been con artists trying to exploit people’s emotional vulnerability.

He needed funds to pay his staff, and to pay for hospital bills after he claimed he had a stroke.

They follow scripts like telemarketers, and they can afford to string people along for months before asking for money, because they have so much revenue coming in from other victims.

They shape their identities around their victims’ profiles.

The false promise of romance and love is utterly strong and convincing, even to some of the savviest people.

Despite crime being down in the UK by 9% in 2013, fraudulent crimes spiked 27%, and those fraudulent reports came directly linked to dating scams.

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