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Many people wonder how to delete text messages on Facebook chat whether it’s because they don’t want anybody to see it or because they just don’t want to be inconvenienced by scrolling through old messages.

Regardless if you want to delete one message in your chat window, bits and pieces of it or the entire conversation, you’ve come to the right place.

In this big chat window, find the cogwheel once more and click on ‘Delete conversation…’ You will be prompted if you want to complete this action and notified that it cannot be undone.

Click on ‘Delete Conversation’ if you are sure that you want to delete everything.

Look for your message icon located at the top bar and scroll through your messages until you find the conversation you’re interested in.

Click on it and it will pop up at the bottom right of your browser in a tiny window.

Facebook has options in its wallet to allow people to delete messages in an efficient way.

Imagine the situation when you’re chatting in Skype on i Phone with friends to organize a surprise for your sweetheart.

Once you delete a message or a conversation, it is gone forever. To archive a conversation, you will need to see the full conversation, click the cogwheel button and select the ‘Archive’ option. If you want to retrieve an archived conversation, you will need to look at the left side of your screen, where your inbox messages are listed.

You will see your Inbox, Other and a bit to the right there is a ‘More’ option. Voila, you can now see all of your archived messages. Now you know how to delete text messages on Facebook chat, as well as how to delete entire conversations or archive them.

Now I want to delete chat message in my chat message list like a whats app.

How can I delete the particluar chat message from server by pro grammatically in android?

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